Safe, production happy, colourful logging for chrome, opera, and firefox - makes reading your logs much easier.

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Colors Safe, production happy, colourful logging - makes reading your logs much easier.

(Rain)bows makes logging debug messages in your apps much nicer.

Example Output


If you are using browserify, you'll want something like:

npm install bows --save

If you aren't using browserify, download either bows.js or bows.min.js.


Browser Support



  //Should be set in your console to see messages
  localStorage.debug = true
  //Configure the max length of module names (optional)
  bows.config({ padLength: 10 })

  var logger1 = bows('Module 1')
  var logger2 = bows('Module 2')
  var logger3 = bows('Module 3')

  logger1("We started up")
  logger2("We did something too")
  logger3("I'm here")
  logger3("I'm still here")
  logger2("I'm tired")
  logger1("We're done here")


Example Output


Status: Build Status

This project uses phantomjs for tests. To run the tests install the development dependencies and then run:

npm test

New tests

Add a file in test, refer to enabled.html/disabled.html, then add the script to the array in test/index.js.

License & Credits


Copyright @philip_roberts /

With contributions from:

Bows depends on andlog, a nice little logging module by @HenrikJoreteg.


Please feel free to raise issues, or make contributions:

git clone
cd bows
npm install #install dependencies
#edit bows.js
npm test
npm run build.js #build dist/bows.js and dist/bows.min.js, also done by `npm test`