Philip Roberts

Senior JavaScript/Frontend Developer

I am an experienced JavaScript developer, currently focused on building complex frontend web applications with React and Redux, particularly combined with XMPP and WebRTC.

I also have considerable experience with building backend applications with both Node.js and Ruby on Rails.

I care deeply about building usable, performant and maintainable web applications. I am a skilled communicator and educator of technical concepts, both when teaching junior developers and giving conference talks.


Frontend Lead, &yet, (May 2015—Present)

Frontend/JavaScript Developer, &yet, (Nov 2013—May 2015)

Cofounder/Developer/CTO, The Float Yard, (Mar 2010—Nov 2013)

Design Engineer, Wolfson Microelectronics, (Oct 2008—Dec 2010)

Conference Talks

ScotlandJS Keynote (2015)

What the heck is the event loop anyway? (2014, 2015)

An introduction to Functional Reactive Programming and Bacon.js (2013)

Building a multiplayer, realtime game, with pusher (2012)


The University of Edinburgh (2004—2008)
MEng Electronics and Electrical Engineering, First