Hire me

I build javascript web applications, and I’m good at it.

If you’re looking for someone to lead; to help you build quality frontend applications, and to be just darn nice while doing it, you should get in touch: phil@latentflip.com.

What I’m good at

  • I’ve been building complex javascript web applications like float and talky.io for 7 years.
  • For the last 18 months I’ve been frontend lead at &yet - directing frontend strategy for us and our clients; and coaching and mentoring other developers.
  • I have considerable experience with backbone, ampersand (I was a core contributor) and react & redux (which I love working with). I have written large apis and backends for applications in both rails and node.js.
  • I am an excellent communicator and educator. I write and speak well on a range of topics: my event loop talk has been watched over 200,000 times. In my time at &yet I have made many of our clients very happy both with the quality of my work as well as my ability to communicate clearly with them and anticipate and understand their needs.
  • I co-founded and built float for 3 years. As the sole developer I built the entirety of the initial platform - taking it from the first line of code to revenue; as well as working with my co-founder to do customer & product development, design, ux, customer support & sales.
  • I’ve built a number of realtime applications using webrtc and xmpp, including talky, and client applications for &yet.
  • I am not a designer, but I care deeply about UI, UX and design, and the impact they have on products and customers. I’ve worked closely with &yet’s design team over many projects to implement, question, stress-test, break and improve designs.
  • I am an exceptionally fast learner and great at tracking down bugs (seriously, try me). Which means I’m very comfortable jumping into existing codebases and becoming productive quickly.

You can also check my github and full cv.

What I’m looking for

  • A permanent position either in Edinburgh, or remotely where there are a good number of people in UK/European timezones
  • A senior frontend javascript position, or something a bit different that might fit my skill-set
  • A team who care about each other as well as the work they do

Why now?

After 3 years at the wonderful &yet, I’ve decided to move on.

I love everyone on the team to bits, but over time the distribution of our remote team has shifted significantly to the West Coast - and working 8 timezones away from a team I love is hard work.

I don’t have anything lined up yet, and I’d love to hear from teams who think I would be a good fit.

Contact Me

If you think I might be a good fit, please get in touch, either on twitter or email phil@latentflip.com.

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