When you are working through something difficult, it’s often useful to look for a source of inspiration. Something you would love to have created yourself, something to aspire to.

If you’re really struggling, inspiration can just be depressing. A sober reminder that maybe you will never be that good, the creeping doubt that maybe, you suck.

Well, if it’s a nasty piece of HTML and CSS you are stuck with, I have a great piece of unspiration for you. Take a look at these:

Twitter screenshot with tables highlightedTwitter, with tables highlighted in dashed blue.

Stack Overflow screenshot with tables highlightedStack Overflow, if you love the tables so much...

Twitter and Stack Overflow have used tables for a significant portion of their layout! That forbidden, carnal, sin! These big-shots, who everyone knows of and talks about, are (probably) bigger cheaters than you are.

Feel better now?