In case you missed it, Hilary and I got married recently, on what was easily the best day of my life.

As it was a non-religious ceremony in Scotland, we had a lot of freedom about what we could say during the ceremony, so we both chose to write some personal vows to each other.

Given that quite a number of the audience got a little teary when the vows started, and since I have been told a few times I should post them here for posterity, here they are:


I promise to feed you when you are hungry, and give you warmth when you are cold.

I promise to be the best husband and father that I can be, and learn from my mistakes when I am not.

I promise to stand by you when you take on the world, and protect you when you’d rather hide.

I promise to push you to be your best, and to act with dignity when you challenge me.

I promise to live and love and learn and laugh with you for the rest of our lives.

Thank you for marrying me, it is an honour.

I hope I can look back on this post in 50 years, and feel that I’ve made a pretty good shot at fulfilling them.